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Water treatment and their effect on septic systems

April 20, 2016

Water softeners damage the proper function of septic systems

The discharge of waste from water treatment systems in not allowed to be drained into septic systems, floor drains, open water courses, or surfaces per Connecticut DEEP and health department standards.

The discharge has potentially negative effects on the function of the septic system including:

  1. Hydraulic overload
  2. Deterioration of concrete structures due to over exposure to high salt discharge
  3. Lack of stratification within a properly functioning septic tank.
  4. Premature clogging of filters leading to back up and health hazards
  5. Void warranties associated with proprietary septic systems.

For further information please feel free to call our office or  check out the general permit from the Connecticut DEEP by clicking on the following link http://www.ct.gov/deep/lib/deep/Permits_and_Licenses/Water_Discharge_General_Permits/lowflow_gp.pdf

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