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Trench less No Dig Sewer & Drain pipe relining

March 15, 2017

Find out how trench less sewer relining can save you thousands

Cure in place pipe, or CIPP is a new technology that allows a liner to be inserted into a host pipe and cured in place.  This type of technology can be used in a variety of pipes including clay, cast iron, orange burg, asbestos concert, PVC, or almost any other material.   Relining a damaged sewer pipe seals out roots and ground water.  Often referred to as trench less or no dig technology, this relining method eliminates the need to tear out patios, driveways, walkways and other semi permanent structures.  In some cases clean out access must be installed to allow for the lining CIPP process.

The relining of sewer and drain pipes can save thousands in restoration costs.  Trees and landscaping can stay in tact as a new pipe cures inside the old host pipe.  Nu-Flow technology is one of the only pull in place systems that allows for smaller spot repairs, and can also be jetted or power snaked after fully cured.  Other liner systems can not hold up the beating of future snaking or jetting.

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