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Septic Inspections

Septic Tank Inspection & Cleaning

A septic tank inspection and cleaning is a smart move before buying a home. In fact, many banks require a septic inspection before they will provide the buyer with a loan. Although sewers do not currently fall under that same jurisdiction, potential buyers would be wise to have their portion of the city sewer inspected prior to agreeing on a contract.
We have seen all too many time a new buyer have septic or sewer problems not long after moving into a new home. A simple inspection of the system may have located these problems. ADB Construction & Septic can provide both septic system inspections and sewer inspections. Inspections include a report with diagrams and recommendations. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.  We serve a 30 mile radius surrounding Hartford.

Our Inspections Include:


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During the inspection process, we’ll do our very best not to interrupt your daily routine. We strive to be as little of an inconvenience to you as possible. One of our inspectors will be sure to greet you with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We will make sure that your system is in good condition and stay out of your hair. We do our job to the best of our ability, and we make sure your septic system is working like it should be—that’s all there is to it!
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