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Not All Septic Inspections Created Equal

May 20, 2016

The importance of a thorough septic inspection

Not all septic inspections are created equal.  The state of  Connecticut recommends a professional septic installer, sanitarian, or engineer provide a thorough inspection during a real estate transaction.  In many instances individuals with limited septic experience are providing home buyers with s substandard inspection, and leave them vulnerable to future issues.

A thorough inspection should include the pumping of the septic tank to determine the overall condition of the septic tank.  All components of the tank should be checked for conditions and functionality, both above and below the liquid level in the tank.  The level of solids contained in the septic tank give an indication to the inspector how well the septic system has been cared for, and how often it had been pumped.  A septic inspection should also include a visual or video inspection of the relevant parts of the leach field.  A flow test is a tool used determine the septic systems ability to absorb household usage.

A flow test should be used in conjunction with other inspection methods and not used as the singular determining factor for septic system health.

A detailed report should be provided to the potential buyer at the conclusion of the septic inspection.  The septic inspection report should include condition of the septic system, any recommendations for repairs and future maintenance, and a diagram of the location of feasibly located components of the septic system.  A comprehensive septic inspections is an insurance policy for one of the most expensive and important systems of a household.

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