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Drain & Sewer Cleaning

July 20, 2016

Understanding the different options when you have a clogged drain

Clogs and blockages are a fact of life.  When they occur they can create a very stressful situation.  ADB Septic aims to remove the stress , and provide a quality drain cleaning service at a fair price. Clogs come in many shapes and sizes.

Whether its a hair blockage in the sink or tub, or roots growing into the main sewer line, ADB Septic can handle the toughest clogs There are many drain cleaning options available to the consumer in their time of need.

  1. Electrical power snaking or rodding –  Using blades attached to a long cable, an experienced technician cuts away roots, wipes, hair , or grease to return the home or business to service.  ADB Septic comes to every job with various sized cables and machines ready to tackle any clogged sink, tub or sewer.
  2. High pressure water jetting – For stubborn roots or grease a high pressure water better is used to strip the pipe of all build up.  Jetting is the best option when cleaning drain lines as it scours every inch of the pipe with 3000 to 4000psi of water pressure.  Jetting succeeds where mechanical power snaking fails.  larger drain lines filled with silt and mud are easily restored.  a restaurants grease trap outlet routinely jetted the keep flow moving.
  3. Video inspection – every drain cleaning service performed by ADB Septic includes the use of our state of the art camera inspection system. Other companies charge an extra fee for this service.  Getting a look at the problem allows our technicians to accurately diagnose the issues and create a game plan for maintenance or repair.  When scheduling a draw cleaning service, its wise to ask if video inspection service is included.
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